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Barry died on November 21, 2016 It has been almost two months since Barry died. During this time, I have found myself very busy trying to avoid the fact that he is gone. First there was a Thanksgiving dinner to

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October 2016 – Flu Shot?

Got a call from Barry’s care center about his yearly flu shot. Last year they guilted me into letting him have the shot. This year I am standing my ground. I said no to the vaccine. Barry never leaves his

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MY JOURNEY – September 2016

Should I sit by his bed until he dies? Today I got a call from the care center where Barry lies in bed day after day. The nurse only calls when something is wrong. I am up north staying at

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Barry’s Journey

Feeding Barry, June 2016 A few weeks ago, I met with the hospice workers and two staff members at Barry’s care center. I wanted to tell them that Barry should no longer be fed. No one should have to live

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For years I have heard the term “living in the present” and never really thought much about it. It sounded a bit New Age to me and I didn’t care much to find out what it exactly means “to be

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BARRY’S JOURNEY – One Cheese Burger Too Many…

No, I am really not trying to kill you Barry. After staying in Red Wing for the month of October, I hit the ground running in November. I had three out-of-town speaking engagements along with Barry’s birthday on Nov. 3.

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The summer of Nancy My family kept asking, “You’re going up north, again?”  I replied, “Yes, because I’ve decided this is The Summer of Nancy!” My instincts sent me up north a lot this summer of 2015. I needed time

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BARRY’S JOURNEY – I love you too!

FTD can be really mean Visits with Barry have become a bit scary. He is unsteady as he walks. I bought new shoes for him, otherwise I think he would have fallen by now. When I arrive, he is usually

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MY JOURNEY – Eating alone.

Making my food just as I like it When Barry and I were first married, dinner was either grilled or pasta. But as we found ourselves hosting holidays and dinner parties, we bought cookbooks and new tools for the kitchen.

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What is Barry thinking? I can’t figure out how to feel about Barry and his life at the care center. When he first got there, I was relieved that he had somewhere to go after being kicked out of his

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