Year: 2015


Visiting the past This hike was a very short one — only a half mile. But it was an important one for me. In mid-August, I was invited up to long-time friends Nancy and Fred’s cabin in Wisconsin. Nancy is

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Planning a Life I decided to hike to Magnetic Rock on the Gunflint Trail in June. Although I thought I knew the way, I got a bit lost driving there. Not good planning on my part. My backpack only held

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BARRY’S JOURNEY – Dogs for the heart.

Dogs in his life A few weeks ago, Barry had an extra special four-legged visitor named GoldenGirl Getty. GoldenGirl is a very well-trained golden retriever therapy dog who is busy doing all sorts of things! She listens quietly as children

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Mt Maude on the Superior Hiking Trail This last June, I did a lot of hiking and thinking. One hike I really wanted to do was up to an old fire lookout tower called Mount Maude on the Superior Hiking

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BARRY’S JOURNEY – Half on and Half off….

Contemplating a memoir Today I found Barry lying sideways, half on and half off his bed at the care center. He looked really uncomfortable, poor guy. To make matters worse, he was dressed in big, baggy old pants that I

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Mount Josephine on the Grand Portage Reservation In June, as I drove up to Mount Josephine in Grand Portage, Minn., I did something I have not done before. I took along our old iPod because I finally found the charger

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Superior Hiking Trail and a box of bills As I hiked this June toward Jackson Lake on the Superior Hiking Trail, I felt confident. I was a lot more confident than I was four years ago when I escaped to

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BARRY’S JOURNEY – I love you too!

FTD can be really mean Visits with Barry have become a bit scary. He is unsteady as he walks. I bought new shoes for him, otherwise I think he would have fallen by now. When I arrive, he is usually

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Superior Trail and the unfortunate email As I hiked in June along a portion of the Superior Trail that I had not hiked before, I kept thinking about a specific day in this journey with Barry’s frontotemporal dementia (FTD). It

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BARRY’S TIES I am constantly trying to figure out Barry’s clothing. His care center closet is sometimes full and other times practically empty. When I see the lady on the first floor wearing one of his shirts, I know why

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