Month: January 2016

This thing in your brain

It was there waiting in 1949 when you were just a little baby born to parents who should never have married. Twice! It was there when you learned to walk and talk. It was there when you lost your first

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BARRY’S JOURNEY – Pretty sure….

I am pretty sure Barry is dying now… I had a care conference about Barry today. He can barely swallow now and weighs only 135 pounds. I tried to feed him lunch earlier and there was major panic in his

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Another New Year’s Eve On New Year’s Eve, I stopped to see Barry before I went to babysit our young granddaughters for the evening. He is very thin and almost totally bed-ridden. The theme of my blog, Putting One Foot

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Early Signs I held my annual holiday sale early this past December. I have been doing this with a group of women artists for well over 30 years. Only three of us original artists still participate in the sale. It

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