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OUR JOURNEY – to the wind….

Scattering ashes in Southern California Last week I was in Santa Barbara. Calif., visiting my best friend Jeanne. We have been the best of friends since seventh grade. I happened to see her in the hall on one of the

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Barry’s Journey – Finally free of FTD

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Barry’s Journey -October 2016

Now 104 pounds A few days ago I drove home from Grand Marais. It was past 8 p.m. when I rolled into town. I had this feeling that I should go see Barry so I drove to his care center.

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October 2016 – Flu Shot?

Got a call from Barry’s care center about his yearly flu shot. Last year they guilted me into letting him have the shot. This year I am standing my ground. I said no to the vaccine. Barry never leaves his

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Barry’s Journey

September 2016 Resuming my daily care center visits with Barry is harder than I thought it would be. I live in a state of denial while I am up north. I think about Barry all the time while I’m away,

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Barry’s Journey

Feeding Barry, June 2016 A few weeks ago, I met with the hospice workers and two staff members at Barry’s care center. I wanted to tell them that Barry should no longer be fed. No one should have to live

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I am afraid to grow old A few weeks ago, I wrote that Barry had stopped eating. After talking with a couple of nurses and the hospice people about this new development, I felt strong in my resolve to follow

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The piano As I walked alone the other day in the neighborhood where we raised our family, a memory of Barry popped into my mind. Two years ago, I would not let myself remember anything. It was just too painful

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BARRY’S JOURNEY – Pretty sure….

I am pretty sure Barry is dying now… I had a care conference about Barry today. He can barely swallow now and weighs only 135 pounds. I tried to feed him lunch earlier and there was major panic in his

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Another New Year’s Eve On New Year’s Eve, I stopped to see Barry before I went to babysit our young granddaughters for the evening. He is very thin and almost totally bed-ridden. The theme of my blog, Putting One Foot

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