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My Story

Last week I went for a boat ride. It was a sunny day and I saw someone in the distance standing on a dock waving at me. I couldn’t quite see who it was because the sun was reflecting off

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MY JOURNEY, Mid-September 2016

Determination, GPS and a few mushrooms I am writing this up in the little cabin that I have rented for two months in Grand Marais, Minn., a wonderful little town on Lake Superior not too far from the Canadian border.

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MY JOURNEY – August 2016

Being Happy I can’t get over some of the twists and turns that have occurred along this journey with my husband Barry and his FTD. I am no longer surprised when “serendipity” suddenly appears out of the blue. I remember

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Elusive memories of our meeting, August Today as I hiked higher and higher on the Superior Hiking Trail, another memory popped into my mind. This is what I find so interesting about hiking: the brain brings up things when you

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MY JOURNEY – July 2016

Working Anywhere I am up north writing this because I really need some uninterrupted time to concentrate on turning my blog into a memoir. I have this week off between teaching classes and some speaking engagements this summer, so I

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For years I have heard the term “living in the present” and never really thought much about it. It sounded a bit New Age to me and I didn’t care much to find out what it exactly means “to be

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MY JOURNEY – Cupboards

Cupboards in my brain My father died after only a few days on hospice care. He finally relented and moved into the hospital bed that hospice brought over to his home in the early morning hours of the day he

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The Box I found the box the other day when I was trying to organize my drawers. It surprised me that I still had it tucked away. Although empty now, it used to be filled with cash. This box was

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Sidewalks As I write this today, the two most important men in my life are in hospice care. One is my father, who has a worn-out and tired heart but a sharp mind. The other man is my husband, who

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Imagination can get you through anything A few weeks ago, I was stuck inside because the outside temperature showed a minus 30 degrees wind chill factor. And I wasn’t feeling well, so I just sat around doodling.I took a large

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