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This thing in your brain

It was there waiting in 1949 when you were just a little baby born to parents who should never have married. Twice! It was there when you learned to walk and talk. It was there when you lost your first

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A month away I was sad when I returned home from my wonderful month of October in Red Wing, Minn. Fitting with my mood, the sky has been grey for the last two days. I was awarded the Capstone Fellowship

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Alone in a crowd I have noticed after this summer of hiking that I never feel lonely up north. You would think I would feel lonely, tramping around in the woods all by myself. I have spent days without talking

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I am a hypocrite I have been irritated for a long time with old friends who do not want to see Barry as he is now. They have told me they want to keep the memory of how he was

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MY JOURNEY – Eating alone.

Making my food just as I like it When Barry and I were first married, dinner was either grilled or pasta. But as we found ourselves hosting holidays and dinner parties, we bought cookbooks and new tools for the kitchen.

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I just got back from a visit with Barry at his care center. I try hard to get there each day. It used to be that when I was there, I couldn’t wait to leave. And when I wasn’t there,

My Journey – Moorhead

LIFE LESSONS LEARNED IN MOORHEAD A couple of weeks ago, I walked around Moorhead, Minn., after speaking all day to kindergartners. I do love the little tykes, but, oh, was I tired! While I slowly walked that afternoon, I remembered

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No more whining It has come to my attention that someone who reads my blog said that I should quit whining. This made me mad. Really, really mad! Right away, I fired back a note to the friend who relayed

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Be careful what you wish for Something has been really bothering me lately. As I look back on my marriage to Barry, I can say that we rarely fought. When we worked together with Barry as the manager of my

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I’m in Grand Marais, it is January and snowing like crazy. The temperature is in the mid-20s, which is not too bad for this time of year in Northern Minnesota. I’m supposed to be working on book ideas, but my

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