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Finding life’s direction…

May 2017 I spent the first week of May in Grand Marais, packing my things after staying in a charming house there on and off all winter. It is where I worked on the third draft of my memoir. Most

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MY JOURNEY – To the wind

Ashes update I am writing this up in Grand Marais. I had planned to snowshoe out to where I wanted to scatter some of Barry’s ashes along one of my favorite mushroom-hunting trails. But I got the flu and couldn’t

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Barry’s Journey -October 2016

Now 104 pounds A few days ago I drove home from Grand Marais. It was past 8 p.m. when I rolled into town. I had this feeling that I should go see Barry so I drove to his care center.

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MY JOURNEY, Mid-September 2016

Determination, GPS and a few mushrooms I am writing this up in the little cabin that I have rented for two months in Grand Marais, Minn., a wonderful little town on Lake Superior not too far from the Canadian border.

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MY JOURNEY – July 2016

Working Anywhere I am up north writing this because I really need some uninterrupted time to concentrate on turning my blog into a memoir. I have this week off between teaching classes and some speaking engagements this summer, so I

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Superior Hiking Trail and a box of bills As I hiked this June toward Jackson Lake on the Superior Hiking Trail, I felt confident. I was a lot more confident than I was four years ago when I escaped to

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WINTER HIKES IN GRAND MARAIS As I continue my blog, I will try to be more current and write in real time when I can. In any event, I write now looking back to January when I stayed at a

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I’m in Grand Marais, it is January and snowing like crazy. The temperature is in the mid-20s, which is not too bad for this time of year in Northern Minnesota. I’m supposed to be working on book ideas, but my

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This hike was at Kakabeka Falls up near Thunder Bay, Ontario. The Hike The morning was gloomy and foggy. But as a Minnesotan, I always have hope it will clear up. But just in case this time, I packed two

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