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The end of summer and autumn.

November 2017 I am up at a little cabin that sits just two feet from Lake Superior. It is a cold, rainy and windy November day. The huge waves today on the lake come crashing in and hit the cabin

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MY JOURNEY – September 2016

Should I sit by his bed until he dies? Today I got a call from the care center where Barry lies in bed day after day. The nurse only calls when something is wrong. I am up north staying at

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MY JOURNEY – July 2016

Working Anywhere I am up north writing this because I really need some uninterrupted time to concentrate on turning my blog into a memoir. I have this week off between teaching classes and some speaking engagements this summer, so I

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The summer of Nancy My family kept asking, “You’re going up north, again?”  I replied, “Yes, because I’ve decided this is The Summer of Nancy!” My instincts sent me up north a lot this summer of 2015. I needed time

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WINTER HIKES IN GRAND MARAIS As I continue my blog, I will try to be more current and write in real time when I can. In any event, I write now looking back to January when I stayed at a

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The Hike I faced a dilemma when the kids surprised me with a birthday weekend proposal of hiking at Lutsen Resort in northern Minnesota. Should I bring Barry or not? At this point last October, life was getting tough with

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The Hike I got up early and drove to The Village of Grand Portage. Because the Heritage Center where I parked wasn’t open yet, I headed to Rose Hill. The hike at Rose Hill is a steep, paved trail about

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This hike was to the mysterious Devil’s Kettle Falls in Minnesota’s Judge C.R. Magney State Park, along the north shore of Lake Superior about 30 miles south of the U.S. and Canadian border.   The Hike It is a spectacular

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