Figuring more stuff out.

June 2017 When I was a little girl, I used to get an empty frozen orange juice can from my mother. With can in hand, I would crawl under the bushes in the front of our house and pretend that

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Elusive memories of our meeting, August Today as I hiked higher and higher on the Superior Hiking Trail, another memory popped into my mind. This is what I find so interesting about hiking: the brain brings up things when you

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This thing in your brain

It was there waiting in 1949 when you were just a little baby born to parents who should never have married. Twice! It was there when you learned to walk and talk. It was there when you lost your first

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I have a routine now that summer is over. I walk each morning with my friend Talla. We solve all the world’s problems in that one hour each day! After the walk, I head to the YMCA to row. The

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Louisville Swamp Trail The Louisville Swamp is located off Highway169 near Jordan, Minn., south of Minneapolis. It is not far from where my dad had his hobby farm. My dad first bought the land as a place to store some

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